Frequently Asked Questions


Q. I have several questions about the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) benefit program. Is there a web page for the VA where I can get answers to frequently asked questions?

A. Yes. Click on the following URL; http://www.va.gov/hyper faq/all.htm or https://iris.va.gov/scripts/iris.cfg/php.exe/enduser/home.php or call 800-827-1000.


Q. I am being called to active duty and have questions about my employer provided pension and health benefits. Where can I get more information about my benefits?

A. The Department of Labor's Veteran's Employment and Training Service (VETS) has information for veterans, National Guard or reservists who may be activated for military service. National Guard and reserve member called to active duty, and their civilian employers, have certain rights and responsibilities under the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA). VETS has developed a fact sheet and an interactive computer program, the USERRA Advisor, which address the rights and responsibilities of individuals and their employers under the law. These tools, and other USERRA information, can be found on the VETS Web site. http://www.dol.gov/elaws/userra.htm

Q. I am a homeless veteran. What assistance is available?

A. Both the federal VA and the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs (WDVA) offer help.

For assistance through the VA call the VA Medical Center at Tomah, Wisconsin (800)872-8662.

When requesting assistance through the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs (WDVA) you should call the Veterans Assistance Program. The Veterans Assistance Program (VAP) helps homeless veterans and those at-risk of becoming homeless receive the job training, education, counseling and rehabilitative services (such at alcohol and drug abuse treatment) they need to obtain steady employment, affordable housing and the skills to sustain a productive lifestyle. There are three VAP sites. They are located at: Fort McCoy: (608)269-0234. The Veterans Home at King: (715)256-1118 or Union Grove: (262)878-9151.

Q. How do I enroll in the United States Department of Veterans Affairs Healthcare System?

A. There are eligibility requirements for enrollment in the VA Healthcare System. VA Form 1010-EZ is used when applying for healthcare benefits. There are treatment and medication cp-pays required for certain veterans. When applying for enrollment in the VA Healthcare system you must submit a completed VA Form 1010-EZ and a photocopy of your DD 214 or separation document. It is helpful to provide the VA a copy of your private health insurance card.

In the Portage County area, the VA hospital holding jurisdiction is the VA Medical Center located at Tomah, Wisconsin. The hospital is located at 500 East Veterans St. Tomah, WI 54460 (near Fort McCoy). The phone number is: (800) 872-8662.

The VA has established two Primary Care clinics near Portage County. Those VA Primary care clinics are located in Wisconsin Rapids and Wausau, Wisconsin. To obtain further information regarding VA healthcare eligibility VA medical Center with your DD 214 and apply for enrollment at the admissions area.