Portage County Solid Waste Department
  NOTICE:  The Portage County Landfill closed May 31, 2007. 
     Go to the Transfer Facility and Material Recovery Facility pages for
     information on current waste disposal and recycling options.
1. Welcome to the Portage County
Transfer Facility. Please stop at the scale
to talk to the attendant.
2. Proceed to your left,
toward the Transfer Facility

3. Members of the public can unload
their materials at the far left (west)
of the building.
4. Commercial haulers unload
their materials at the eastern door.

5. Materials are unloaded and pushed against the back "tipping wall."

6. Department employees collect materials from the tipping wall and load them into semi trailers for transportation to a landfill.

7. A wide variety of materials can be brought in for disposal or recycling, including electronic waste like TVs and computers.
8. You can also bring in hazardous
materials like cleaners for proper disposal. Some materials may require that you
make a drop-off appointment.
9. After unloading, return to the scale so the attendant can determine the weight of the materials delivered.
10. Proceed to the scale office to pay.