Patrol operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In order to provide this coverage, it is split into three shifts: the day shift (6am-4pm), afternoon/power shift (4pm-3pm), night shift (8pm-6am). The power shift is designed to overlap the afternoon and night shifts, providing additional officers at peak periods. Most Patrol Deputies are scheduled on a 7 days on and 7 days off rotation.

In addition, the office participates in the High Visibility Patrol (HVP) program which allows deputies that live within the county to take the squad car home at the end of each shift during their work week. Deputies agree to start shifts early or stay late if called for service in their "home" area for this benefit. In this manner the Community benefits by having law enforcement services nearby for faster response times, additional patrol and presence.

Patrol falls under the control of the Operations Division and is lead by the Operations Captain. The rest of the Patrol is as follows:

  • 3 Lieutenants
  • 4 Sergeants
  • 24 Deputies


A Deputy Sheriff performs various law enforcement functions. Basic duties include, but are not
limited to:

  • Patrol county's highways and all villages within county's jurisdiction
  • Traffic enforcement
  • Respond to and investigate traffic accidents
  • Respond to and investigate criminal complaints
  • Interview victims, suspects and witnesses
  • Prepare and submit accurate written reports
  • Appear and testify in court when required
  • Serve warrants and civil papers
  • Transport inmates
  • Community Policing activities
  • Assist other Law Enforcement agencies.

Patrol Deputies can "specialize" in an area beyond regular patrol responsibilities. Such
responsibilities include:

  • Special Response Team
  • Crisis/Hostage Negotiator
  • Field Training Officer
  • Background Investigator
  • Technical Accident Investigation
  • Law Enforcement Instructor
  • Safety Program Instructor
  • K-9 Officer
  • Boat-ATV-Snowmobile Patrol.