Allowable "Mailed" Items
Only clothing, reading materials, and money can be sent through the mail.  If the inmate is sentenced to prison, they may receive up to 25 blank or embossed envelopes. The inmate will receive the envelope(s) in prison.  Inmates can buy stamped envelopes through the canteen system if they need them.

Stickers and "Musical" Cards
All decorative stickers are removed from envelopes and letters.  If there are numerous stickers and it is too difficult to remove them, the letter will be placed in the inmate’s property.  Do not send "musical" cards or cards with recorded voice messages.  The computer chip or device inserted in the card will not be delivered to the inmate.

View more information in the Inmate Rules Handbook

Telephones/Calling Cards

Telephone Messages
Jail Officers do not deliver messages to inmates unless it is a genuine emergency.

Telephone Access and Payment for Calls
Inmates have access to a telephone and all calls are recorded and monitored.  Calls must be made as “collect” calls (i.e. - the person being called pays for the call) or minutes may be purchased through canteen. Calling cards ($10.00) may also be purchased through the Jail canteen system.

Blocked Calls
Some phone numbers are blocked and you will not be able to call anyone at that number.  A phone number may be blocked because:

*The person at that number requests the block.
* The phone company blocks calls due to unpaid phone charges.

Jail Officers do not know why a number is “blocked” and will not change a “block” to a phone number.

View more information in the Inmate Rules Handbook

Personal Property

Only medications, money, underwear, reading materials and clothing may be accepted at the Jail (guidelines apply).  These items may be mailed or delivered by family/friends.  Money may be deposited anytime in the Stellar Teller, and prescription medications may be dropped off anytime.  Quantities of clothing/underwear must be limited, and some types of clothing/underwear are unacceptable.  Clothing may only be dropped off before a scheduled visit.  Certain reading materials are unacceptable (guidelines apply).

View more information in the Inmate Rules Handbook