Central Wisconsin Windshed Partnership Group

Windshed Tractor

Hancock Agricultural
Research Station

N3909 County Road V
Hancock WI 54943

Phone: 715-249-5424
Toll Free: 888-249-5424
Fax: 715-249-5425
Email: cwwp@uniontel.net


The CWWP provides tree
planting services, including
windbreak design, fabric
installation and a three year
maintenance program.
Wildlife habitat development,
seeder rental, custom spraying,
chemical burndowns, and public
information and education are
among the other services offered.

This windbreak was planted in 1999. (Photo taken in 2005)

The CWWP custom designs windbreaks using fast growing, disease resistant
species, and guarantees a 95% survival rate for the first three critical years.

Who are we?

The Central Wisconsin Windshed Partnership Group (CWWP) is a cooperative venture consisting of:

What we do

  • Install windbreaks to control wind erosion, create
    shelterbelts, or as living snow fences.
  • Wildlife habitat development
  • Custom spraying and mowing
  • Public information and education