Springville Pond


Springville PondSpringville Pond is an 18 acre impoundment of the Little Plover River formed by a dam located in the Village of Plover. The pond has an estimated volume of 107.3 acre-feet, a maximum depth of 12 feet, and bottom materials of sand with some silt. The lower part of the pond has been dredged, but the upper end has not. This part of the pond has muck overlying the sandy substrate. The shoreline has seen extensive urban development in the recent past. The Little Plover River is navigable both above and below the dam. In recent years the Little Plover River has experienced historic low flows of water that has even resulted in some sections being completely dewatered. The fishery in Springville Pond consists of largemouth bass, panfish, and trout. There is a small park on the south side of the pond with public carry-in boating access. Motors are not allowed on the Pond. Eurasian water-milfoil is an invasive aquatic plant that recently began having a significant impact on the aquatic plant community and ecosystem along with curlyleaf pondweed. 

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