Severson Lake


Severson LakeSeverson Lake is a very scenic, hard water, seepage lake situated in a kettle seven miles southeast of Rosholt in the Town of New Hope. The lake has a surface area of 31 acres and a maximum depth of 60 feet. The estimated retention time is 1.4 years. The littoral bottom materials consist primarily of marl with limited areas of sand and gravel also present. The bottom drops off rapidly a short distance from shore, and an abrupt drop in temperature and dissolved oxygen develops at 15 feet. Largemouth bass and panfish are the most common fish present. A mixed pine and hardwood forest surrounds the lake. A group of people who are trying to maintain the lake in its natural state own most of the shoreline. The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point also owns a part of the shoreline and is using the land as a conservation study area. Two dwellings are present but they are built back from the water and are not visible from the lake. A small, private beach is the only part of the shoreline that has been altered. Recreational use is light and mostly local.  

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