Portage County Park Maps

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Becker Thumbnail

Becker Lake Recreational Area

Location: Ellis Rd, 2 miles north of Ellis
The County owns 16 acres of land around the 32 acre lake. It is a bog lake in its natural state. The area is a public hunting area with no facilities.

Cate Thumbnail

Cate Park

Location: Co Hwy A, mile northwest of Amherst
This 9 acre wooded park overlooks the Amherst Mill Pond. A parking lot, picnic area, and fishing access are provided.

Collins Thumbnail

Collins Park

Location & Description

Consolidated Thumbnail

Consolidated Park

Location: West River Dr, 1/2 mile south of Stevens Point
This 12 acre linear strip of land adjacent to the Wisconsin River is managed as a boat launching/fishing area and picnic area.

County Cemetery Thumbnail

County Cemetery

Location: Lake Rd, 1 mile north of Amherst Junction
This land was the Portage County Poor Farm Cemetery and is maintained as a cemetery.

Dewey Thumbnail

Dewey Shooting Range and Recreation Area

Location and Description

DuBay Thumbnail

Dubay Park

Location and Description

Frost Thumbnail

Carrie Frost Park

Location: Co Hwy BB, 4 1/2 miles northwest of Almond
Named after a local woman, who started a factory to manufacture trout flies, this 7 acre park is adjacent to the local school forest. A small picnic area and a small snowmobile shelter are provided.

Galecke Thumbnail

Galecke Park

Location: River Dr, 1 1/2 miles west of Plover
A 34 acre park with Wisconsin River frontage. The park is primarily used for boating, water skiing, fishing and picnicking.

Green Circle Thumbnail

Green Circle State Trail

Location: This 24 mile multi-purpose recreation trail forms a corridor of green space around the Stevens Point urban area.
This is a very popular hiking and biking trail. The Plover River segment is groomed as part of the 6 mile Plover River Ski Trail. The County parks department does all the maintenance and patrolling on the trail.

Jordan Thumbnail

Jordan Park

Location and Description

Emily Thumbnail

Lake Emily Park

Location and Description

Helen Thumbnail

Lake Helen Park

Location: Lake Helen Rd, 3 1/2 miles east of Rosholt
On the north shore of th 87 acre Lake Helen, this 10 acre park has numerous facilities. An open picnic shelter with enclosed kitchen is available for rent. The aprk also has a boat landing, beach, picnic area, playground, volleyball court, and horseshoe pits.

Meyers Thumbnail

Meyers Lake Boat Landing

Location: Lake Meyers Rd, 1 mile east of Amherst Junction
This area is managed as a boating/fishing access with a primitive boat ramp.

Peterson Thumbnail

Peterson Park

Location: Tree Lake Rd, 5 miles north of Rosholt
On the east shore of the 72 acre Tree lake, this 4 acre park has a playground, beach, and picnic area. The boat landing is located on the west shore of the lake off of Co. Hwy. A.

Plover River Ski Thumbnail

Plover River Ski Trail

Location: 1 mile east of the Stevens Point Airport on Hwy 66.
This 6 mile ski trail is groomed on a regular basis for tracking skiing. A small beginner skate ski trail also exists. The ski lodge is open on weekends.

Plover River Wayside Thumbnail

Plover River Wayside

Location: Hwy K, 7 miles northeast of Stevens Point.
A small county highway right-of-way provides an access point for canoeists on the Plover River.

Rinehart Thumbnail

Rinehart Lake Boat Landing

Location: South Lake Road Landing
This area is managed as a boating/fishing access with a primitive boat ramp.

Standing Rocks Thumbnail

Standing Rocks Park

Location and Description

Stedman Thumbnail

Stedman Wayside

Steinhaugen Thumbnail

Steinhaugen Recreation Area

Location and Description

Sunset Thumbnail

Sunset Beach

Location: Sunset Lake Road, 5 miles north of Nelsonville
This 18 acre park is located on the 63 acre Sunset Lake. The lake is a high quality swimming lake and can be very crowded on hot summer days. A boat landing and good fishing are also available. Alcohol is not permitted in the park.

Tech Thumbnail

Al Tech Park

Location: West River Dr, 1 mile south of Stevens Point
A 2 acre strip of land overlooking the Wisconsin River. A canoe access. picnic area, fishing, and low head dam observation area exist in the park.

Tomorrow River Trail Thumbnail

Tomorrow River State Trail

Location: Plover to Waupaca County line.
A 14.5 mile recreation trail along the old Fox Valley and Western Railroad tracks. Some of the trail is still under construction. The 9 mile segment from Plover to Amherst Junction and the 3 mile eastern segment from Alm Rd to Elkins Rd are surfaced with crushed limestone and open to the public. A parking lot in Amherst Junction and a small parking lot along Tower Rd are open. A parking lot at Cate Park will be built in 2002 for the eastern segment of trail. A trail user fee for biking and horseback riding is required and can be purchased at the trail heads.

Tomorrow River Wayside Thumbnail

Tomorrow River Wayside

Location: Hwy Q, 1 1/2 miles northwest of Nelsonville
A small 1 acre fishing access along the Tomorrow River.

Wisc. River Rec. Area Thumbnail

Wisconsin River Recreation Area

Location: Park Rd, 8 miles north of Stevens Point
The 82 acre area along the Wisconsin River is managed as a fishing and hunting area.

Wolf Thumbnail

Wolf Lake Park

Location: Wolf Lake Rd, 3 1/2 miles northwest of Blaine
The 89 acre park is on the north shore of the 36 acre Wolf Lake. The area is managed as a boating/fishing area, beach, picnic, and a 2 mile trial system exists.

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