Portage County Highway Department

  • What if I see a dead deer on the highway?

    To report a dead deer, please call the Highway Department Parts Room at (715) 345-5233. Portage County does not pick up dead deer. We notify Wisconsin DNR, who contracts with private contractors to remove dead deer from state and county highways. Carcasses painted with a bright orange "X" have already been called in for removal.

  • What if I need to contact the Highway Department after working hours?

    The Portage County Sheriff’s Department has contact information for on-call Highway Department supervisors at all times. Please call the dispatch center at (715) 346-1400 with concerns related to safety on state/county highways and they will contact Highway Department staff. For concerns that are not urgent, please contact the Portage County Highway Department at (715) 345-5230 during normal business hours.

  • Can I purchase supplies from the Highway Department?

    The Highway Department sells a variety of supplies to municipalities throughout Portage County. Unfortunately, the Highway Department cannot sell supplies to private contractors or the public. Private contractors performing work for a municipality may pick up supplies on behalf of the municipality, so long as the material is paid for by the municipality.

  • Can I hire the Highway Department to perform work on my private property?

    The Highway Department contracts with many municipalities in Portage County. However, the Highway Department, by law, is not allowed to perform hired work for the public