Portage County HHSD Division of Community Programs

Division of Community Programs Adult Mental Health Services
Here you'll find information on community services and support programs for portage county residents who struggle with chronic or persistent mental illness.
Division of Community Programs Adult Protective Services
Here you'll find information on Elder/Adult-at-risk Abuse and how to report cases of abuse or neglect.
Division of Community Programs Programs for Children with Special Needs
Case management and Service Coordination services are provided to children with developmental, physical and emotional disabilities. These services are designed to support children's long term needs while supporting families' efforts to maintain care of their children in their homes.
Division of Community Programs Home and Financial Managers
Home and Financial Managers provide a wide variety of services geared toward enhancement of daily living skills by teaching individuals to self-master the skills. Staff provide parent training, household management & money management training, teach independent living skills, and provide supervision of parental visits. Services are provided in consumers’ homes and in the community.