Rehabilitative Services are provided to all residents as ordered by the attending Physician.  Portage County Health Care Center contracts with
Therapies Plus, LLC for therapy services.  These services include Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy. 

Physical Therapy:
The goal of physical therapy is to restore normal movement and function while attempting to resolve problems such as pain, weakness, loss of motion or lack of coordination.  Our therapists work with the resident and families to ensure the plan of care developed is individualized and designed to offer the resident the best opportunity for a successful rehabilitation. 
  • Balance assessment and training
  • Therapeutic exercises
  • Gait training with use of appropriate assistive devices
  • Home visit to assess your needs prior to discharge from facility
  • Massage therapy
  • Manual non-invasive pain control techniques
  • Individualized Home Exercise Program upon discharge

 The benefits of Physical Therapy in a Skilled Nursing Facility are restoration of mobility, maximizing function, improved safety awareness and assists in reaching the greatest level of independence in order to return to the community as soon as possible.

Occupational Therapy:
Occupational therapists help individuals become as independent and productive as possible in performing the tasks that make up their daily lives.  Our occupational therapy program maximizes the patient's ability to participate in the self-care, work-related, leisure and social activities of daily living. 
  • Improving upper extremity strength
  • Teaching compensatory techniques for visual, memory and problem solving deficits
  • Increase independence in self care and activities of daily living
  • Muscle release therapy
  • Home visit to assess your needs prior to discharge from facility
  • Improve balance and standing tolerance

Speech Therapy:
Speech-Language Pathology seeks to restore or improve residents' communication abilities, speech/language deficits, hearing impairments and/or swallowing abilities.  Many residents who have suffered from strokes, brain injury, Alzheimer's or other neurological disorders often lose the ability to speak and may have difficulty understanding spoken and written material. 
  • Assists with management of swallowing and  feeding difficulties
  • Caregiver training to maximize communication, decrease confusion and/or promote safe swallowing
  • Cognitive intervention to assist with memory deficits, judgment/reasoning difficulties and  orientation deficits.
  • Use of compensatory strategies to facilitate speaking clearly, understanding others and improving word-finding difficulties.

Out-Patient Therapy:
 Outpatient therapy is available for Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy or Speech Therapy with Physician's referral.    We work closely with your Physician to help you achieve your maximum independence. 
Ann Crivello, COTA with  Victoria
Amy Orlikowski, PTA with  Genevieve