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How can I expand my own or other's knowledge on Portage County groundwater? 

These pages include a range of lessons and educational materials compiled from existing curricula.
bulletActivities and Lessonshands-on and interactive lessons

bulletGroundwater Curriculum Foundations
bulletLessons that directly support the Groundwater Curriculum
bulletMiscellaneous activity ideas from other websites

Check out the Kid's Stuff category for more ideas.

bulletEducation Outreach Activities by the Portage County Citizens Advisory Committee (PCGCAC)
bulletGroundwater Education Newsletter:  4-pages 
bulletGroundwater Resources & Publications Guide compilation of over 200 brochure-type publications 
bulletGroundwater Slide Show Presentation 
bulletNewspaper Articles educational articles written by PCGCAC 
bulletNitrate in your Groundwater Traveling Display:  4-panel display discussing conditions, sources, impacts, and actions 
bullet Portage County Groundwater Guardian Educational Activities
bulletClassroom Lessons for 1st-8th grade

Video Curriculum

bulletEducational Resource Materialsactivities/curriculum, books, videos, posters, and other materials
bulletWater Testing & Soil TestingLearn what is in your soil and water by taking samples for laboratory testing.

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Educational materials funded in part by the Community Foundation of Portage County

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