Sand Tank Groundwater Model

The groundwater model is a plexiglass tank filled with sand, gravel, and clay to represent a slice of the earth.  The model simulates how water and contaminants move through different aquifers allowing people to "see" groundwater.

"Teaching students -- and their parents -- to protect groundwater in their own communities can lead to real improvements in local groundwater quality," says David Lindorff, who coordinates the wellhead protection program for the Department of Natural Resources.


The groundwater model can be used to teach youth and adults many groundwater concepts,  such as:

bulletgroundwater movement
bulletthe effects of different geologic materials and soils on groundwater movement
bulletaquifer types and water table levels, 
bulletrecharge and discharge areas,
bulletgroundwater contamination from various sources,
bulletthe effects of pumping wells, and
bulletpotential land use activities that may impact groundwater quality and/or quantity

"Groundwater concepts aren’t just for science anymore -- they can be incorporated into various subject areas including math, social studies, language arts, home economics and art," Lindorff says.

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