National Lightning Awareness Week

National Lightning Awareness Week is June 21-27, 2016. The National Weather Service (NWS) lightning safety web site: has many useful resources and links to help you promote safety in thunderstorms.

As part of the NWS lightning safety campaign, a "Lightning Safety Toolkit for Large Outdoor Event Venues" has been developed. It provides venues with specific guidelines to keep patrons, players, performers, etc., safe from the dangers of lightning. Please take a moment and view/printout the toolkit:

The Lightning Safety Alliance has created a 30-second video Public Service Announcement (PSA) featuring Leon the Lion with children playing outdoors. You can download the PSA directly from: keeps a database of all lighting deaths/injuries throughout the world. It's a great resource and is updated daily. You can view the database at:

Almost all lightning-related casualties can be prevented through education and personal responsibility. Many people simply don't know lightning safety rules and unknowingly put themselves in danger. Our collaborative efforts can help save lives through simple outreach and education.

Thanks for participating in Lightning Safety Awareness Week.