Comprehensive Plan



  • Comprehensive Planning Committees Approve Goals
    At their October 23, 2002 committee meetings, Urban and Rural Steering Committee
    members approved a set of planning goals. The Goals are intended to provide direction
    for the drafting of the different elements that will make up the Portage County
    Comprehensive Plan. The Goal statements are also to be considered by local
    communities as they develop their individual plans.

  • Comprehensive Plan Guiding Principles
    The Portage County Comprehensive Planning Joint Steering Committee adopted a set
    of Guiding Principles at its September 2002 meeting. These guiding principles provide
    broad direction to each of eight element areas that will ultimately be part of the
    comprehensive plan document, and serve to focus future policy discussions toward
    achieving county citizen's visions for the future. View Guiding Principles...

  • Element Area Work Groups Forward Recommendations
    The purpose of the Element Area Work Groups was to provide guidance to the Urban
    Area and Rural Comprehensive Planning Committees in developing goals to reach the
    visions outlined in the Rural, urban, and Countywide Vision Statements by drawing
    upon the experience and knowledge of experts within the Portage County community. A
    total of seven work groups met in August and September of 2002 to develop goal
    recommendations for the planning committees to consider. The work groups dealt
    Housing, Historic and Cultural Resources, Natural Resources, Agriculture,
    Transportation, Utilities and Public Facilities, and Economic Development.
    View the Recommendations....}

  • Urban Vison Statement

  • Rural Vision Statement

  • Decision Matrix Results - Top Issues by Element

  • Background Information and Inventory Report


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