County Concept Drawings


The resolution of the following drawings is not high quality. The following explanations will assist you in understanding the conceptual layout.

X on each floor = elevator

First floor plan: red = secure elevators for transferring defendants; Fam CC = Family Court Commissioner office area

Second floor plan: Gray = corridor and waiting areas; gold = Courtrooms - each Courtroom has an entry vestibule and two small conference rooms along the cental corridor, and a ramp to the back of the bench on the other; blue = Judge's chambers and staff areas; green = jury room; red = secure elevators and holding area for defendants; purple = District Attorney area relocated to the Annex building from the existing Courthouse, replacing the non-County tenants currently leasing the space




For more information contact:
County Board Supervisor Jeanne Dodge
Chair of the Building Review Committee for Public Safety Needs
(715) 592-4153